Workplace and Employment Mediation

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workplace and employment mediation - office building imageDisputes that arise in the workplace can be crippling for any business. Whether it's a problem with the workforce,  between members of staff, or an employee is taking their employer to the employment tribunal.

Clear ADR has an excellent track record of settling conflicts amicably and confidentially.

Mediation can be conducted on-site or off at a mutually agreed time and place. Generally, it takes no more than one day of mediation to settle disputes, and it can be less. Mediation is generally much more cost effective than expensive employment tribunals.

Some typical workplace/employment mediations include:

  • Settlement agreement discussions
  • Managerial  disputes
  • Partnership Terminations
  • Removal of a Director/Shareholder disputes
  • Employment tribunal proceedings
  • Group action
  • Health and safety

Fixed fees are available.
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