Clear ADR’s one day CPD mediation training course is ideally suited to help you continue your professional training.

Mediation is not something to which most lawyers are normally suited as you are trained to take up positions on behalf of clients, or defend them.

Mediation, however, is about resolving the dispute by concentrating on interests rather than positions.  It focuses on solving the problem rather than prolonging it.  This is a stance most lawyers are unaccustomed to.

As the Court is increasingly obliged to encourage ADR, it may stay proceedings so that ADR can take place.

Our one day CPD mediation training course concentrates on mediation as a form of ADR with particular reference to how to take a client through mediation.

You will be introduced to the format and procedural rules of a typical mediation and will cover what a lawyer should plan for and does in mediation, how to manage a client’s expectation and how to choose the right mediator for the dispute.

This one day course is £295.

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