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Are You Ready for CMC Approved Mediation Training to Become an Accredited Mediator?

Whether you’re in the legal profession and wish to become a CMC approved mediator or are looking for a change in career and would enjoy the job satisfaction and financial rewards of becoming a mediator, Clear ADR provides the best value CMC Approved Mediation Training: 

Upcoming CMC Approved Mediation Training Course:-

CENTRAL LONDON            3rd - 7th July 2017

Our five day mediation training course is: £1,500 +VAT.

Please contact us via the form below for further information - Please note that to ensure we don't compromise on the quality of our courses, there is limited availability and numbers are strictly restricted to 12 delegates.

(AMC) - Accredited Mediator Certificate

STEP 1 - Compulsory Element (Dual Accreditation)

Our AMC course is a 5-day intense course in mediation training, designed for people who wish to become accredited mediators.

Our mediation training course is designed to give you the skills, knowledge, understanding, and confidence to practice as a mediator. You will have the opportunity to conduct mock mediations, participate in group discussions, and you will learn all aspects of the mediation process.

Delegates will learn advanced mediation techniques, such as the art of 'defusing' and 're-visualising'. Our mediation training is nationally and internationally recognised and our trainers are all practicing mediators. This means that delegates will be able to benefit from real hands-on knowledge, understanding, and experience.

Course Overview

Day 1 - An introduction to mediation including an exploration of the theory of facilitating discussion. Delegates will observe demonstrations and have the opportunity to practice various techniques such as 'de-fusing' and 're-framing'. The first day is heavily focused on a mediators 'opening statement' and parties 'position statements'.

Day 2 - Delegates will have the chance to explore the structure of mediation and begin to polish their opening statement. There will be particular focus on 'first sessions' including examples of 'inductive questions'. Delegates will have the opportunity to practice their 'opening statement' and 'first sessions' in small groups.

Day 3 - Focus will be directed towards the second and third sessions including 'closing joint sessions' and 'drawing agreements'. Problem issues and scenarios will be discussed/addressed as a group and individually.

Day 4 - A short lecture will be given on post-mediation training practice. Our practising mediation trainers will provide tips and guidance on advertising, networking, and how to get observations and paid mediation work. Delegates will have the opportunity to complete a full run-through of mediation through role play.

Day 5 - Delegates will conduct a live mediation, which will be assessed on a set of fictitious facts
provided on Day 4.

(ASM) - Accredited Specialist Mediator

STEP 2 - for Accredited Mediators

After completing of our mediation course, delegates have the option to undertake our Accredited Specialist Mediator (ASM) course and gain an additional accreditation.

Our ASM course is a 1-day home study course that tests delegates on likely mediation scenarios they
will experience within their chosen practice.

We offer specialist mediation training courses in the following areas:

  • Aviation
  • Employment & Workplace
  • Family & Divorce
  • Commercial
  • Property/Construction
  • Wills/Probate
  • Company

Mediators who undertake our ASM course may attract a larger mediation fee.

Panel Membership/Practice

After completing the AMC course delegates must observe at least 3 live mediations before being listed on our panel.

We will assist delegates wherever possible with finding observations at no extra charge. We offer free inclusion on the 'observation' waiting list and, once listed on our panel, delegates will have the ability to have paid mediation work referred to them.

We are also piloting a Voluntary Free Mediation Service Program, which allows accredited mediators to conduct real-life mediations to gain experience.

The Benefits of Our Accredited Mediation Courses: Certificate and Accreditation

Upon successful completion of our AMC course delegates will be issued with an 'Accredited Mediator
Certificate' (AMC) and will gain the title 'Clear ADR Civil and Commercial Accredited Mediator, (CACCAM).

Delegates that complete our ASM course will be issued with an 'Accredited Specialist Mediator' (ASM) Certificate and will gain the title 'Clear ADR Specialist Mediator in [delegates choice]'.

As a newly qualified mediator you will be able to set up practice as an independent mediator and / or apply to be listed on our Panel of Mediators giving you the opportunity to have paid mediation work referred to you.

Generally we would expect our mediators to attract a £1-5k per day mediator fee.

Who is Mediation Training for?

Our AMC course is open to anyone who has an interest in dispute resolutions and wants to learn the necessary skills to facilitate private mediation.

The skills obtained during the mediation course will assist delegates seeking to practice as a mediator whilst strengthening advocacy, communication, and negotiation skills.

Our AMC course is suitable for:

  • People with responsibility for resolving disputes.
  • Managers and executives in the private, public, and voluntary sectors.
  • Solicitors, barristers, accountants and professional advisors.
  • HR managers, lead trainers, union representatives, and policy advisors.
  • Healthcare and education professionals.
  • Companies wishing to develop a dispute resolution system.
  • Complaints handlers and customer services advisors.

Upcoming Mediation Training Events:


London: 3rd - 7th July 2017
Manchester: Please contact us 

Courses are limited to 12 delegates to ensure we deliver the highest quality training. Reserve your place now via the form below or call 0333 210 0377 to reserve your place.

Would You Like More Information?

Looking for in-house mediation training? We provide bespoke training to companies, local authorities, schools, charities and trusts.

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