Whether you’re facing conflict with your neighbour, experiencing a business dispute or heading for divorce, you need swift resolution to end a difficult situation.  Finding a mediator and taking your case to mediation, rather than straight to Court, you will save yourself a lot of time, money and stress.

And did you know that mediation (also known as ADR – Alternative Dispute Resolution) is increasingly being encouraged by the Courts and other bodies to resolve disputes between parties?  Finding a mediator and going to mediation is your first step towards dispute resolution.

Download Our Comprehensive Guide to Mediation

This guide, written by Lois Kingsley, a practicing solicitor and CMC Approved Mediator, explores the type of disputes that can be resolved by mediation, what the process of mediation involves and if mediation is the right process to help you find resolution.
Finding a mediator and mediation services

Clear ADR provide professional mediation services throughout the UK through a panel of independent Accredited Mediators who bring with them a wealth and depth of experience.

Mediation is a confidential process which offers many benefits. By providing both parties concerned with greater input over the determined outcome, disputes can be resolved in a more flexible, timely and less expensive way than by going to Court.

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