Civil/Commercial Mediators

Civil/Commercial Mediators - Business | Debts | Contracts

At Clear ADR our Civil/Commercial Mediators specialise in all types of civil & commercial disputes.

For example:

  • Business/company
  • Litigation
  • Contract
  • Employment
  • Workplace Family
  • Shareholder/Partnership
  • Community/Neighbour

As mediation is a quicker, cheaper, and more adaptable approach to dispute resolution than the Court attending mediation allows companies to quickly resolve any dispute. Using our services is therefore a sensible & amicable way for conflicting commercial parties to address any issues .

Our mediators have been involved in numerous cases and have an excellent success rate.

Frequently when both parties are motivated agreement can be reached quickly.

Civil/Commercial mediations can be conducted face-to-face, by skype/facetime or by telephone.

In addition to providing civil/commercial mediation services, Clear ADR are also an Accredited Civil/Commercial Mediator training providers - our course being recognised by the Solicitors Regulation Authority for the purposes of CPD.

We are also one of the few training providers in the UK to provide our mediators with the option of additional specialist training.

Contact our offices for a no obligation discussion regarding the services we offer or for a free cost estimate.


Our prices are in line with the Civil Mediation Directory. Fixed fee's are also available.

A free mediation service can also be provided for claims below £10,000. Contact us now on 0333 210 0377
for further information.