Welcome to Clear ADR

Welcome to Clear ADR

Mediation and Alternative Dispute Resolution (ADR) run by a Clear ADR Accredited Mediator is a successful, cost effective way to avoid litigation – by far the majority of disputes being resolved at mediation.

Mediation suits all types of cases regardless of value.

Further, a Clear ADR Accredited Mediator can be of huge benefit to reduce both the cost and time spent mediating.

Whatever the dispute, mediation with a Clear ADR Accredited Mediator is an alternative to court proceedings and is used to help conflicting parties to resolve their differences, the process being facilitated by a neutral third party, called a ‘Mediator’, who aids communication and assists with negotiations.

To minimise costs it is far better for parties to attempt Mediation run by a Clear ADR Accredited Mediator voluntarily before any Court costs have been incurred. 

For your extra peace of mind Clear ADR is also a CMC Registered Mediation Provider. 

How do you start the mediation process?

Either one or both parties can contact us to request mediation with an Clear ADR Accredited Mediator. Alternatively your solicitor may refer you to us.

Having received a referral, Clear ADR will ensure that all the parties to the dispute agree to participate in the mediation before making arrangements necessary for the day of mediation itself. 



If you are looking for a change of career or simply wish to enhance your present skills and qualify as an Accredited Mediator, Clear ADR offer Accredited Mediator Training. 

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Only £1,500 +VAT

Clear ADR Accredited Mediator Training  - One of our training rooms
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Accredited Mediator Training Course

Do you want to become a Clear ADR Accredited Civil and Commercial Mediator?

We have courses available in both London and Manchester.


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Are you involved in a dispute and need a professional Accredited Mediator?

Clear ADR  have a large team of Accredited Mediators who  provide a timely, cost effective and professional service nationwide.